Babs (1)
Age 17
Status Alive
Height 5'4"
Weight 122
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black/Dark Brown
Portrayed By Lisa Freeman

Babs was Lorraine Baines-McFly's dark-haired friend, with whom she and her blonde friend Betty hung out in 1955.

Back To The Future

Babs is first seen with Lorraine and Betty at their lockers when Marty McFly and George McFly come up to them. Lorraine is shocked to see Marty "Calvin". Babs is seen smiling at Marty.

Babs watching

Babs watching Biff groping Lorraine in the cafeteria

Babs is seen sitting at a lunch table while Lorraine gets groped by Biff while Skinhead, Match, and 3-D watches. Babs looks at Skinhead while he looks back at her with a smile. Babs looks very disturbed and feels helpless by not helping Lorraine.

Tumblr m7q4d2zLbL1rvjt2vo3 250

Babs in Lou's Cafe with Betty and Lorraine

She is later seen at Lou's Cafe, sitting in a booth with Lorraine and Betty, drinking milkshakes and talking. Suddenly, George comes up and tells Lorraine that she is his "density". Babs looks at George with a bored face.

Tumblr meg73lPYpY1risj2so1 r1 250

Babs asking Lorraine where Marty lives

Babs is seen minutes after coming out of the cafe with Lorraine and Betty, shocked by Marty skateboarding around the town hall. "Yeah, where does he live?" Babs asks Lorraine.