Courthouse Square

Courthouse Square in 1955

The Courthouse Square was the central point of downtown Hill Valley. It was comprised of a square of buildings surrounding the Hill Valley Courthouse. Hill Street and Main Street intersected at the square. The face of the square changed considerably with certain lots changing numerous hands over the decades. In the period of 130 years, the square went from bustling and prospective, to lively and youthful, to aging and decrepit, to revitalized and techno-modernized.

Marty McFly crosses the street in the square in 1955, unaware that he is blocking the path of a car.

Businesses around the square (clockwise)

1955 1985
Hill Valley Courthouse Hill Valley Courthouse (Department of Social Services)
Sherwin-Williams Sherwin-Williams
Allstate Insurance
Gaynor's Hideaway Gaynor's Hideaway
Essex Theater Essex Theater
Broadway Florist Broadway Florist
Lawrence Building Lawrence Building
Hal's Bike Shop Hog Heaven (motorcycles)
Texaco Texaco
Roy's Records The Third Eye
Lou's Cafe Lou's Aerobic Fitness Center
Bank of America Bank of America
Ask Mr. Foster Ask Mr. Foster
Armstrong Realty Abrams Brokerage Company (bail bonds)
Zales Jewelry Pawn shop
Hill Valley Stationers Cupid's Adult Book Store
Elite Barber Shop Barber shop (closed)
Bluebird Motel Bluebird Motel (Closed)
Western Auto Wilson campaign headquarters
Jacobson & Field, Attorneys at Law Attorneys (closed)
Ruth's Frock Shop Goodwill industries
Statler Studebaker Statler Toyota
Town Theater Assembly of Christ
Holt's Elmo's Rib Cafe