Lou Caruthers
250px-lou caruthers
Age 60
Status Alive
Height 5'5"
Weight 210
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown (Greying)
Portrayed By Norman Alden

Lou Caruthers was the owner of Lou's Cafe in 1955 and possibly Lou's Aerobic Fitness Center in 1985. Lou was born in 1895.

Back To The Future

On the morning of November 5, 1955, Lou was behind the counter at his cafe, serving breakfast to several diners, when a kid wearing a life-jacket came through the front door and asked to use the payphone. Lou stared curiously when the kid's wristwatch made a strange beeping sound.


"What's with the life-perserver?"

The kid tore a page out of the phone book and started asking directions without ordering anything to eat. When he did order, he wanted a tab, then asked for a Pepsi (free!), and finally got a five cent cup of coffee, then ran out of the restaurant after one of the customers.


"Something without sugar."

A couple of days later, with the cafe filled with customers after school, the same kid started a fight when Biff Tannen came into the restaurant, then ran out the door. Lou stepped outside to watch, while Lou's employee Goldie Wilson ran over to see a wreck when Biff's car collided with a manure truck.


The kid came into Lou's Cafe one final time on the night of November 12, shortly before closing time, asked to borrow some stationery, and sat down at a table to write a letter, which he signed as "Marty McFly", with no last name. Lou didn't see the stranger again after that.

Sometime between 1955 and 1985, after the downtown in the popularity of diners, the cafe lost customers to fast food restaurants like Burger King, and Lou stopped selling burgers and shakes. By 1985 Lou's Cafe had been replaced by Lou's Aerobic Fitness Center, which attracted a steady supply of mostly female customers throughout the day due to the aerobics craze during the 1980's; It was not made clear if Lou was even still alive by 1985, if he had died and the current owner(s) merely kept the name, or if the center was simply owned by someone else named Lou (possibly a descendant).