Stanford S. Strickland
Age 60 (in 1985) and 30 (in 1955)
Status Alive
Height 5'6"
Weight 200
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown, balding (in 1955) and Bald (in 1985)
Portrayed By James Tolkan

Stanford S. Strickland (also known as Gerald Strickland, typically referred to as Mr. Strickland) is a strict authoritarian with a strong disdain for slackers (particularly those of the McFly family). He has been shown to be stiff, uncompromising, pedantic and humorless.

Back To The Future (in 1955)

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Mr. Strickland witnessing Biff and Marty about to fight

Strickland worked at Hill Valley High School in both 1955 and 1985, and was seen to wear a bow-tie in each of these years. On November 7th, 1955, he was lecturing young George McFly, demanding "Do you want to be a slacker for the rest of your life?" Later that day, as Biff Tannen and "Calvin Klein" prepared to fight in the lunchroom, he walked over and, without saying a word, stopped the altercation. Strickland was about to interrogate the "new student" (Marty, who may or may not have been enrolled by Dr. Emmett Brown), but the sudden appearance of a paper airplane caused Strickland to march off in the direction of another slacker.

Strickland was chaperone at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, where he was not impressed with "Calvin Klein's" (in reality, Marty's) music.


In 1985, Strickland was just the same as he was in 1955 – right down to his complete lack of hair. In the morning of October 25, 1985, he caught Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker sneaking into school late and presented them both with tardy slips. After finding out this was because Marty was at Doc's house, he warned Marty not to hang around with Doc because he believed that Doctor Brown was a "nutcase" (suggesting that Strickland and Doc may have met in the past, or else Strickland just thought that Doc was a nutcase for no real reason).

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Marty telling Mr. Strickland history's going to change

Then he noted that Marty's band, The Pinheads, were auditioning for the dance after school. Strickland informed Marty not to waste his time, telling him that "no McFly has ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley." Marty responded by saying that history was going to change.